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Hi! Our names are Shannon, Mark and Summer McDade. We are a family of three wanting to expand our family through adoption. We were planning to adopt from Taiwan, but the wait has helped us change countries to Ethiopia. God has a purpose foreverything and we are going to stay faithful and follow Him.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Waiting Is Not Fun

Mark and I have been on a roller coaster ride of our lives for over the past two years. Yes, this roller coaster ride is called adoption. I am so glad we decided to get on this certain ride, but just wish it would soon end so we could get off of it! Sometimes, I wish the ride could be smoother and quicker instead of bumpy and LONG. There are so many ups and downs that it would make your head spin or just make you throw up. Today was one of those days where you think you are going to like part of this ride then you realize that something is around the corner that makes it so much harder-the uncertainty of adoption.

Mark and I received our referral on October 26, 2010 of a little 13 month old boy. We are so blessed to have pictures of him and even some videos. We get updates on our little boy once a month. I am so happy that we do get these, but I want him home. We have been submitted to court, but still no court date as of today. Our agency is trying to get a certain letter that would help us get a court date. Who really knows when this will happen? I was told last week that they thought they were getting the letter from the Judge. Not yet!! It has been three months since our referral and still no court date. Why does it have to be so hard for everybody to get their crap done so these kids can get adopted? Now our little boy is 16 months old and is growing everyday without us. I pray that we will soon get to "meet" our little boy. I love him so much that it makes my heart hurt to not have him with us, but one day he will be and we will be off this ride!!

I think the hardest thing about this ride of adoption is the unknown. The not knowing is so hard for someone like me who likes to have everything mapped or planned out ahead of time. I am so a schedule person. I freak out when we get off this schedule. So maybe adoption is harder for me than someone else who is going through it, but I don't think so. I think we all have certain expectations about how this roller coaster ride should be. Some people might like the bumpy parts and that may help to mold them into something they would not be if it wasn't for the rough parts. Then there are others who get a smooth ride with a quick finish and they look back on it and decide to do it all again. No matter what type of person you are adoption is one of the craziest roller coaster rides out there!!!!


  1. I love this - not the crap we are going through - but this ride WILL Be worth it! Hang on tight - I think the rest may be bumpy AND FAST! We just have to pray for that! And believe in the plan! HUGS

  2. I don't know why it's so hard for you Shannon. My heart goes out to you. Yes you should have that little boy home NOW! Everyday away is another day that he could know family. I know your pain. But try to remember that God wants you exactly where you are. I don't know why, but He does. He is weaving all this together and His way is the best way. It is a ride, so sit back, try to enjoy it, and don't throw up!

  3. PS, your family is so cute, I wished we lived closer so we could be real life friends (even though I am soooo much older and falling apart than you are. Is that a sentence?? :)).

  4. Michele,
    Thanks for the words of encouragement.. I will tfry to sit back and enjoy the ride for a little while longer.. Do you have an email or are Face Book? if so< get them to me so we can talk more!! I would love that.

  5. Gail,
    I just love you as a friend!!!! One day we both will have our boys home and we will have to finally "meet"!!!! We just need to keep going...