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Hi! Our names are Shannon, Mark and Summer McDade. We are a family of three wanting to expand our family through adoption. We were planning to adopt from Taiwan, but the wait has helped us change countries to Ethiopia. God has a purpose foreverything and we are going to stay faithful and follow Him.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Husband Mark (Happy Valentines Day!!!!)

I have the most incredible husband that anyone could ever ask for. Mark and I were best friends for almost eight years while working together at UPS. One day he asked me to marry him on the beach in Pensacola Beach , Florida. Our lives have not been the same except we are still best friends and I love him very much.Mark is so patient, caring, loving, and kind. He would do anything for me and his family. For Mark to buy me an engagement ring he sold his 1971 convertible VW beetle. He loved that car. It was restored and pretty. However, he loved me more and wanted to get me a ring.

Here it is eight years later and Mark is helping me sell all kinds of things that we both enjoyed for our adoption. Shortly after we got married he got decided to restore the 1973 VW Super Beetle that was in his family for over 37 years. Mark's dad, Mark, and Mark's brother Paul all drove this car. We were excited to restore it and keep it in the family. Then one day we were talking a bout adopting and he said, " Why don't we just sell the bug?" It had a new paint job and really looked great. So we did. I wanted to cry when he sold it, because that was the second car he gave up for me and my calling to adopt. He really didn't say much about the car except that he wants to get another one later on down the road. Yes, that would be great. Hopefully, we will not have to sell this one.

Mark and I just sold our jet ski that we had for about three years. We had a lot of fun on it. We would go to the lake with all of his family and would spend most of the day tubing and riding the jet ski. Summer liked it too, but she was little to young for it. Mark thought it would be good to sell this too and he did not get mad about this either. He is the most amazing person that I know. He puts God and family above all else. I thank God everyday for bringing him into my life.

Mark is a great father too. He makes sure that Summer is well taken care of. He helps at night time after being gone all day on the road driving for UPS. He makes sure Summer brushes her teeth, reads a story to her one from her Bible and another short story that she can pick out. While he is reading I am tickling her back or sitting by her on the bed. He makes sure that she says her nighttime prayer and kisses her on the head. I know he will be a great dad to Mia when she gets here. I can not wait until the day when we go to get her and he sees her for the first time. I think he will cry just like he did when Summer was born.

I just want people to know how much I appreciate my husband and all that he is doing to help me during the adoption process. He could be angry, resentful for all that we are selling. However, he is the opposite. I think now he would love Mia to be here so we could be a family of four. I hope Mark has a great Valentine's Day!! I love you!!!

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