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Hi! Our names are Shannon, Mark and Summer McDade. We are a family of three wanting to expand our family through adoption. We were planning to adopt from Taiwan, but the wait has helped us change countries to Ethiopia. God has a purpose foreverything and we are going to stay faithful and follow Him.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dinner Out!!!!

This has been a fun weekend so far at the McDade house. We started the day off by drinking some coffee watching the sun rise. It was so nice to see the sun shine for a change. I am so tired of all this cold weather. I am so ready for the summer. I will miss our jet ski though. This will be the first summer without it and not going to the lake. We will have to get some type of pool for Summer to play in.

Then we went outside to play soccer with Summer. She starts playing in a couple of weeks at Hope Church. She played last year and did pretty good. I will post some pictures of her playing shortly. Mark and Summer washed both cars. They were so dirty from all of the snow that we have been having. Looks like we might have a pretty day tomorrow too.

Then we all went to out to eat at some Chinese restaurant for dinner. Summer ate very well. She liked all of the vegetables and the chicken. She even ate with chop sticks. The waiter thought Summer was so cute. She kept coming by to watch us use the chop sticks then probably went laughing at me behind my back. Oh well, we had a blast!!!! Before we left we all got fortune cookies and here is what they said.
Shannon's fortune cookie said " Your random act of kindness today will spread quickly to other."
Mark's fortune cookie said " You will be traveling and coming into a fortune."
Summer's fortune cookie said " You will take a pleasant journey to a place far away."
I really do not get into all of the superstitions or things like that but it was kinda weird. I do believe that God has a purpose for our lives before we are even born. He knows what we need and sometimes we need encouragement no matter how strange it might be. I say this because God calling me to adopt has spread to others who are encouraging and very helpful. I have met more people now through adoption that I would have ever met. Mark is traveling with me and Mia will soon be his fortune that he would not have without us adopting. Mark and I have decided about a week or go to let Summer travel with us to Taiwan to get Mia. I believe it will be a good thing for her to go get her little sister. I want to say that God is always working His greatness. I have experienced it more through this adoption. Maybe because I am trying to focus more on God and what He wants me to do than ever before. I thank God everyday for the life He has given me and for His son that died for me. Even though I am not worthy ;He still gave it to me.

That is all at the McDade house for now. We are going to put Summer to bed so we can get up early for church in the morning. Next time I will have pictures of Summer and Mia's bedroom. Later.......

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