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Hi! Our names are Shannon, Mark and Summer McDade. We are a family of three wanting to expand our family through adoption. We were planning to adopt from Taiwan, but the wait has helped us change countries to Ethiopia. God has a purpose foreverything and we are going to stay faithful and follow Him.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Camping Trip Fourth Day

We got up early to float the river today. Something that I have never done. I was so excited. I have heard from Mark and his family how fun it is. Before we left we went to fish at our campsite and Summer caught her first fish.

Mommy with her fish!!! About time!!!! So happy to finally get a fish!!!!

Nana and Pockey Dey (Mark's parents) came to our campsite to pick us up for the float. They got there about 8:45 am to meet everyone else by 9:00 am. When we got to the river Uncle Joe, Kelly, and two of Kelly's friends came along with us. It takes about four hours to float from Spring Creek to the bridge.

Getting ready to float. Summer alittle worried!!!!

We stopped along the way to play in the water and fish.

Daddy and Summer at the river.

All that went with us floating. Then we had lunch after we played in the river.

The float was so much fun. Mark and I caught about 20 fish a piece, but threw back a lot.We only kept about 10 fish to bring home with us to cook. I have never seen so many fish coming up to the lure. I am hooked on fishing now!!! I want to go floating every year until I die. The scenery was so sweet. Here are a fee pictures of what we saw while floating on the river.

We all had alot of fun today. I thought we would flip the canoe, but we didn't. Not even when Summer stood up and when she almost fell out of the canoe. She did good until the end. Then she was done!!!! No more canoe for her so she says. I think she will love it once she get older. I know it is hard for a five year old to enjoy a canoe ride for more than four hours. After the float we went back to our campsite and cooked out hamburgers and hotdogs- just for us. Everybody else had something to do. So we went to bed a little after that and had a long night of the people behind us staying up late AGAIN!!!! Why are some people so inconsiderable????? Thinking that they are the only people out there. So we are going to try to sleep good, but getting ready for our beds back home.

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